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‘tusk is better than rumours’ is a weekly newsletter featuring introductory primers and album rankings for avant-garde/experimental musicians. every other monday, we publish guides to artists whose discographies are large and difficult to navigate. on off-weeks we publish a variety of pieces ranging from label and genre primers to interviews to guest writers.

the newsletter’s goal is two-fold:

  1. to macguyver some dopamine for myself out of the fleeting attention paid to my writing by internet strangers

  2. to listen to some tunes and have some fun

it’s a bad title and i know that already so don’t email me to tell me that. the idea is that the weirder, more overlooked, more cocaine-emboldened the music, the better it is. thus, tusk is better than rumours. it’s not a fleetwood mac fanzine (though that would definitely garner more subscriptions). we mainly focus on musique concrete, early electronic, free jazz, and other ‘Other Music.’ mainly folks with intimidating discographies that you really oughta know about but don’t know where to start with. i’m talkin’ ‘bout all the hottest stars, including:

  • jim o’rourke!

  • graham lambkin!

  • alice coltrane!

  • throbbing gristle!

  • throbbing gristle’s associated acts!

  • cabaret voltaire!

  • cabaret voltaire’s associated acts!

  • pauline oliveros!

  • bruce gilbert!

  • laurie spiegel!

  • gil scott-heron!

  • alvin lucier!

  • harry partch!

  • jana winderen!

  • julius eastman!

  • hildegard westerkamp!

  • francisco lopez!

  • pierre schaeffer!

  • eliane radigue!

  • sonny sharrock!

  • luc ferrari!

  • wendy carlos!

  • raymond scott!

  • annea lockwood!

  • boredoms!

  • sun ra!

  • laurie anderson!

  • and more!

if you want to request a primer about a musician or with any other (nice) comments email me at tuskisbetter@gmail.com.

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